As the first shavings curled away from the drill one beautiful March day 10 years ago, our family had no idea where this adventure would take us. Inspired by the boundless energy of young boys our family launched a humble 12 tap operation. All the sap was hauled home across the fields manually to be boiled into syrup on the kitchen stove!

Within a few years we expanded our operation to 24 taps. Next we ventured down the road to hang 60 pails on the stately maples lining our neighbour’s lane. The following year we advanced to our neighbour’s bush expanding to 130 taps.

With the generous encouragement of our neighbour we strung lines through his whole bush, exploding our operation to 1,200 taps. Today we tap 1,400 trees, mostly lines but we still hang some pails every year for the novelty of it.
Owned and operated by

-The Bauman Family

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