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Clean Meat
•no vaccines
•no antibiotics
•no hormones
•no GMOs

Meadow Song Meats

Dairy for All
•A2 Guernsey Cow Dairy
•Goat Dairy
•Sheep Dairy
•Water Buffalo Dairy

Meadow Song Dairy

Canadian’s Sugar

Meadow Song Maple

Nutrition You Can Trust

In a country flooded with food but starved of nutrition, we are growing a revolution. Eat real food and feel the real difference.

How to get our products on your plate

  1. Place your order online.
  2. We Deliver to your Door.
  3. Cook and enjoy farm fresh food.

Meadow Song Farms is a network of several farmers who have joined forces to bring the best of our interests to your table. We have a united vision for clean nutritious food. Grown in a way that heals our country and connects our community. Click here to learn more.

St. Jacobs Farmers Market Booth

Come meet us in person at our booth in the St. Jacobs Farmers Market!

Thursdays 8:00-3:00

Saturdays 7:00-3:30


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100% Grassfed Lamb
Meadow Song Acres

Here at Meadow Song Acres sheep are at the heart of our operation.
Click here to learn more about us.

Meadow Song Maple

Meadow Song Maple is a family run business.
Click here to see our story.

Don't take our word for it


We purchased two goat milk products from your food outlet in the St. Jacobs Market: Feta Cheese and Mediterranean Garlic Cheese Curds. Both were excellent; they were moist and delicious.
The type of food background information explained by you and your brother give the buyer confidence that one is purchasing local, quality food “from the source”.

Henry Emerson

Waterloo, ON