Our story

Meadow Song Farms began with a quest for cleaner food. In 2022 we launched Meadow Song Acres with a vision of a small family farm selling direct to our consumers. While attending farmers markets selling our products, we realized our customers wanted a wide range of products. More than we could possibly raise ourself. Then we found out there are many farmers who enjoy raising products much more than marketing, they are excellent farmers raising premium products, but without someone to take their product to the consumers, their talents are washed away to the conventional market! Thus was born Meadow Song Farms as we are now attempting to fill the chasm between farmers and consumers. Clean quality is our standard and we only join forces with farmers passionate about nutritious food.

Our retail store

8205 Line 6 Kenilworth

Pick-up by appointment only. Please contact us via text, phone call or email to book your appointment.

Contact Jordan at 519-998-8590 or jordanb@mwpol.ca

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