Our values

Here at Meadow Song Farms we are dedicated to farming in a way that honours the creation and our creator. We strive to give all our animals an environment where they can flourish in. As well as a diet that is as close to their natural diet as possible.
We are passionate about clean food and our long term goal is to be growing food in a regenerative cycle that makes our food more nutritious every year!

True nutrition begins in the soil.

Healthy soil makes healthy forage.

Healthy forage makes healthy animals.

Healthy animals make nutritious meat!

The soil is made up of many parts but the backbone of the whole system is organic matter. Organic matter decomposes into a rich black sponge-like humus. Humus is the shuttle that transports nutrients from the soil to the plants. So a soil that is rich in humus will grow much more nutritious food! Click here to see how you can help us grow more nutritious food for you by bringing your waste organic matter such as leaves, food scraps, paper etc.

Our vision

At Meadow Song Farms our goal is to let our song touch every member in our community and echo across every nation to reach every corner of the world.
~Jordan Bauman