Meadow Song Acres

The flock stands quietly after a day of romping and grazing though lush pastures. Awaiting the return of their shepherd to usher them into the security of the stately old bank barn. These sheep are the heartbeat of our operation and with the help of Lassie our guard dog we do our best to give them an environment they can flourish in. We raise purebred Katahdin Hair Sheep fed a 100% grassfed diet and supplemented by free choice minerals. We are dedicated to raising these sheep without the use of GMOs, vaccines, hormones or antibiotics. Get your name on our rapidly growing wait list!

The quiet trilling of the quail is always a welcoming sound as we enter the cozy barn. Quail have been a wonderful addition to our operation. They are the perfect nook and cranny enterprise which made starting our flock a breeze. Our quail are fed a natural GMO free diet and are never given hormones or antibiotics. To shop our selection of fresh or pickled quail eggs or frozen quail, click here.

With a roof over their heads and fresh pasture under their feet, our ducks are in their glory. Our first batch we raised were Muscovy ducks. Unfortunately we did not have pasture available for these right away but they did get put out on pasture towards the end. For our second batch we raised Pekin ducks and these were out on pasture much longer. All our ducks are raised on GMO free feed and free from hormones and antibiotics. Click here to check out our rare duck sausage, duck pieces, roasts and much more!

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-Jordan Bauman