You can make a difference

Our vision for our farm is to have a life cycle that is not only sustainable, but also regenerative! Growing more food, and more nutritious food every year.
We love when our customers share our vision and want to get involved. So we are starting a compost project where our patrons can bring their waste which we turn into rich black compost and spread on our fields. The end result is more nutritious food for us all at the end of the day!

Acceptable products are;

1. Leaves

2. Branches

3. Lawn clipping

4. Cardboard

5. Paper

6. Egg cartons

7. Egg shells

8. Food scraps (no plastic wrappers please)

Please contact us to make an appointment to drop off your waste or just bring it along when you make an appointment to pick up an order.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s contributions!

Contact us

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